Oil & Gas

Traditional energy is and will remain an integral component in global energy utilization.  Our extensive oil and gas experience allows us to create significant value for our customers.

Project Management & EPC Services

Lone Cypress was created to provide an all-encompassing solution to energy infrastructure development. We believe project management and EPC services stand at the core of this commitment. Our team of highly qualified technical professionals provides specialized engineering, materials management, construction, commissioning, industrial operation, and maintenance services on a turnkey or adjunct basis.

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Compressors & Pumping Stations

Optimization of hydraulic design is critical in achieving peak pipeline operational efficiency. We leverage our expertise with natural gas compressors and crude oil pumps to create innovative solutions for maximizing the overall performance of any pipeline system.

Whether designing gathering systems for greenfield assets, laying expansion lines on developed acreage, or consolidating mature production, pipeline infrastructure sits at the heart of the midstream sector. We offer turnkey pipeline solutions and equity participation for systems of any size based on customer-specific requirements, industry best practices, and the assurance of regulatory compliance.

Optimization of hydraulic design is critical to achieving optimal operational efficiency for any pipeline system. We leverage our expertise with natural gas compressors and crude oil pumps to create innovative solutions for maximizing the overall performance of any pipeline system.

Aggregation of oil and gas field production is a critical step in the movement of energy commodities from the wellhead to the burner tip. The process of strategically positioning, designing, and constructing CDP and tank farm facilities requires specialized logistical knowledge of the oil and gas supply chain.  Whether for 500 Bbl or 500,000 Bbl, the Lone Cypress team is well equipped to develop aggregation facilities of any size.

Terminal and rail facilities are prominently used for the transportation and dispersion of crude oil production. The logistical challenges often encountered in more remote basins necessitates the development of this takeaway infrastructure.  Lone Cypress is well versed in navigating this extra layer of project commercialization.

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Natural Gas Treating & Processing

With over 40 years of plant EPC experience, the Lone Cypress team brings the expertise and competencies required to develop a wide range of natural gas treating and processing infrastructure. From amine sweetening facilities to GSP and RSV cryogenic plants, our portfolio of past projects and customer success reflects our execution capacity. Whether providing turnkey facilities or balance-of-plant engineering, let Lone Cypress help you make the most out of your opportunity.

A necessary component in the removal of CO2 and H2S, amine facilities serve as vital infrastructure in the natural gas sweetening process. Our amine packages are designed with the operator in mind and can be installed as stand-alone components or as part of fully integrated processing systems.  With plant packages ranging from 25 – 1,000 gpm, Lone Cypress is well equipped to handle sweetening projects of any size.

Our differentiating technology portfolio and expertise in process engineering results in processing infrastructure designed to maximize NGL recoveries over a wide range of applications. Working with industry-leading technology providers, Lone Cypress offers clients customizable solutions that maximize the value of any cryogenic project.  Whether in the market for a modular JT assembly or a 200 MMSCFD plant, let Lone Cypress support your plant and facility needs.

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Wellhead Facilities

Through our strategic partnerships, Lone Cypress has created an all-encompassing solution for turnkey wellhead facilities. From front-end engineering design through construction and commissioning, our goal is to eliminate the need for multiple contractors and provide our customers with a one-stop solution for facility development. Utilizing our modular design philosophy, we provide fully integrated wellhead to pipeline service offerings that result in expedited field installations and drastic cost savings for our clients.

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