Lone Cypress is a preeminent energy infrastructure development company focused on meeting the energy needs of today and those of the future.

Who we are

A Forward-Thinking Energy Company.

Lone Cypress is an independent energy company focused on the development and operation of energy infrastructure that will play a vital role in the energy systems of today without compromising the needs of the future.

Our team is anchored by over 100 years of combined execution experience, having built a long-established reputation for technical and execution excellence.

As a pioneering energy company, we are dedicated to advancing the energy industry through innovative and sustainable solutions. We understand the importance of balancing the needs of our customers with the needs of the environment and strive to achieve this balance in all of our projects.

Our history

Charting Our Journey

At Lone Cypress, energy is in our DNA. Our journey through the energy landscape has been one of evolution and innovation. As pioneers in traditional energy solutions, we played a vital role in meeting the world’s growing energy demands through the development of midstream infrastructure. However, as the energy landscape shifts towards sustainability and environmental stewardship, we recognize the need for a new direction.

Driven by a vision of a cleaner, more sustainable future, we embarked on a transformative journey. Leveraging our extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, we embraced the challenge of transitioning towards low-carbon energy solutions. This marked a pivotal moment in our company’s history—a moment defined by innovation, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Today, Lone Cypress stands as a beacon of change in the energy sector. Our portfolio of projects encompasses a diverse range of low-carbon initiatives, from hydrogen to renewable natural gas and carbon capture and storage. As we write the next chapter of our story, we invite you to join us on this journey towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable world. Together, we can redefine what’s possible and shape a future where energy is not just a source of power, but a force for good.


Our vision is a more sustainable, reliable, and secure energy economy driven by the transition to low-carbon fuel alternatives. Through experience and innovation, we’re making energy cleaner and more accessible for the generations of today and those of the future.


We’re building a platform of innovative and sustainable energy generation and distribution solutions that enable and accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable energy economy.


At our core, we are committed to innovation and participating in the future of energy. We are resilient and skillfully overcome challenges, and our team is united in purpose. We demonstrate quality in every action and are fueled by a passion that drives us to make a significant difference.

Executive Management


Greg Brooks


The Founder and President of Lone Cypress Energy Services, Mr. Brooks has more than 35 years of experience in the energy industry. As President, Mr. Brooks oversees all company operations, including strategic planning, fundraising, engineering, and stakeholder engagement for the traditional and renewable business lines.

Mr. Brooks’ primary experience is in the areas of engineering, operations, construction and business development. Prior to founding Lone Cypress, Mr. Brooks served as the Vice President of Engineering for Frontier Energy Services, an Energy Spectrum-backed midstream company. As Vice President, Mr. Brooks was responsible for design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management for the development and construction of the Alpha Crude Connector (ACC), an oil gathering system located in southeast New Mexico and West Texas. The ACC oil gathering system was comprised of more than 350 central tank battery receipt points, 500 miles of pipeline, and four separate pumping stations with 350,000 barrels of storage capacity.

Prior to his work at Frontier Energy Services, Mr. Brooks served as Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Seminole Energy Services from 2004 to 2014. During his tenure at Seminole, Mr. Brooks was instrumental in the growth of the firm’s midstream services division, leading development of grass root projects in gathering, processing, treating and rail terminal facilities in the Mid-Continent and Mid-Atlantic regions. Mr. Brooks was also one of the founding members of Impact Energy Services, a mid-stream services company, where he served as Vice President of Engineering and Operations until the sale of the company to Seminole Energy Services.

Mr. Brooks received his Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.