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Responsible for engineering, design and installation of 500+ miles of crude gathering, 300+ well connects, and four breakout crude storage facilities with 150,000 bbl/d operating capacity.

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Turnkey EPC installation of wellhead facilities and associated gathering system for the INEOS group.

Turnkey EPC installation of 65 gpm Amine treating facility in the Austin Chalk, South Texas.

Turnkey EPC of natural gas and crude oil header system, pumping and compressor stations, CDP truck loading terminals, and 70 MMcfd cryogenic facility.

Designed, installed and operated 12 bay rail car terminal facility for NGL transport and propane distribution.

Designed, installed and operated 150 MMcfd gas gathering system with over 15,000 hp of compression required to provide low pressure for the gathering system.

Designed, installed and operated 150 MMcfd treating facility to remove CO2.

Designed, installed and operated 250 MMcfd CO2 treating facility for Linn Energy in Ulysses Kansas.

Designed, installed and operated 100 MMcfd CO2 treating facility.

Designed, installed and operated 75 MMcfd dehydration and refrigeration H2S removal system for BP to meet residue gas specifics.

Designed, installed and operated NRU system for nitrogen removal.

Designed, installed and operated cryogenic gas plant to process gas on the Stone Mountain gathering system.

Installed 20,000 hp electric compressor station for BP.

Turnkey EPC of 80,000 MMcfd JT treating facility for BP.

Completed engineering design, provided project management services for installation of mainline header, and associated gathering system. Oversaw construction, commissioning, and operation of pipeline connecting 50 producing locations to downstream CDP.

Project EPC/PM for installation of Foss Lake gathering system in the Woodford shale, Western Oklahoma. System connected existing brownfield production in addition in field extensions totaling 200 MMcfd.

Designed and installed mainline gathering infrastructure with associated natural gas treating and processing facilities for production in the Anadarko Basin.

Project EPC/PM for installation and operation of Piedmont natural gas gathering system. System included CDP terminus design and associated compressor station design and operation.

Gathering system design, installation, and operation. Wellhead/centralized compression and scavenger-based treating facilities constructed to service Arkoma Basin production.

Designed and installed 30,000 hp compressor station to service Hugoton-based production for Williams gathering systems in the Forest City Basin.

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